A Winter Morning


I set out early while it was still dark and made my way to the river just as the sun was rising over the forested hills. The land was crisp with frost that slowly turned pink in the sunlight. The only sound was the honking of the geese.

It is winter and everything is quiet and still.


Coffee and a Rock Cake

Rock cakes are one of the first things that I remember cooking as a child. There is something very soothing about rubbing the fat in to the flour and shaping the rough little buns. The smell of the coffee mixing with the cinnamon when as they bake can cheer up even the gloomiest day. Add Elliot Smith playing and you can create a little moment of stillness.

Pen-y-fan before the crowds

We started climbing the path up to the peak early before the crowds had arrived. It was a beautiful clear day and the walking easy allowing the mind to switch off and just to feel the climb.

The panoramic views at the summit were beautiful. The air was clear and a fine mist hung in the valleys below. A few other people had made it up early but they dropped away, dwarfed by the landscapes unfurling all around.



As we returned back down the hills the sun became warmer and warmer and the crowds kept coming. The magic of the summit was broken.